Adventures in Narnia!

This weekend was extremely eventful. There was karaoke, a missing shoe, cocktails, bad dancing, glitter bombs, big girl bras, designer shoes, Korean food, beans, pole dancing, jumping dogs, biting (ouch, Kaliko!), friends, DJ’s, LOUD music, Korean boy bands, penis cakes, Yogurtland, Asian markets, cute accessories, and several other rather inappropriate things. When we do birthdays, we go hard. We’re currently suffering from a dance hangover. Unfortunately, we didn’t get quality photos of our outfits. But, we do have a little somethin’ from Saturday night. We went out to karaoke to celebrate my (Surge) 23rd birthday.




ImageKaliko purchased some fabulous new Steve Madden shoes ^__^




I purchased myself some Jeffrey Campbell boots to celebrate being old (grandmama Surge).

EXCUSE THE TERRIBLE LIGHTING AND EVEN WORSE QUALITY OF THE CAMERA. We were rushing out the door to be late to karaoke. We’re late everywhere.


Sunday night, on the way to The Church. Kaliko, Carolyn, and Julienne pumpin’ gas.


Why, Kaliko? After this photo, she almost fell and knocked all of the blankets off of the end cap. Graceful.


Sunday, all of the Korean food was had. NOMNOMNOM. Apparently, I couldn’t take a second to take a photo when the food was pretty. I took a picture of the aftermath. MOM.


Sorbet and yogurt at Yogurtland!


We drank some Hite at one of the Korean restaurants that we visited this weekend right after we said that we wouldn’t drink (because of our hangover). I guess these things happen.

<3Surge and Kaliko

Thanks to all of the people that hung out with us this weekend. Also, a very special shout out to Adrian. Thank you for throwing up on Kaliko’s arm and blacking out. It was hilarious.




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